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Today was a good day

Today has been a good day, I finished some things I’ve been working on and I feel like I am finally ready to settle into the routine of part time postgraduate research. I think after graduating it can take a while to get back into the swing of things if you go on to study at postgraduate level. I know it has taken me longer than I imagined and after I originally planned to enrol in September, I am now waiting until January because I feel like I didn’t start off on the right foot.

So after quite a long time completing nothing but doing a lot of random research related things to keep busy, I now feel ready to get stuck in and I plan to set myself a few goals over the weekend.

To end my day of achievement (well maybe not a day of “achievement” but I did complete a job application, send a proposal to my supervisor, produce a student advocate lesson plan and upload this post!) I am going to try and find some conferences I can attend and maybe even send work into. Here are some links to conferences I have looked at so far:

Talking Bodies: Identity, Sexuality and Representation

Body Projects Conference

FWSA Conference

Young Sexualities Postgraduate Conference

The F Word in Contemporary Women’s Writing

Sexuality in Theory & Practice

PhD Research Proposal Part 2

Having spent the past few days getting stuck into my research proposal, I can now say that I feel a lot better about the whole thing! I was starting to panic and got myself into the mindset that it wouldn’t be detailed/good enough (something I think we all worry about) but then I realised it doesn’t have to be perfect- it is just a proposal. I am not supposed to know everything and especially not right now at this early stage. So, basically this is just a little update to say that I am getting on okay, it isn’t as hard as I first thought and hopefully I will be finished by the end of today and ready to email it to my supervisor in the morning.

PhD Research Proposal Part 1

Hello everyone, I am currently working on my research proposal for the MPhil/PhD programme I am set to enrol on in January. I have already secured my place having submitted a proposal earlier in the year for an MRes course but having changed my mind about that route I now need to update my proposal and make it much more detailed.

I have searched the internet for an example structure and recommendations of what to include but the information varies so I feel like I am best just winging it. I tend to worry whether I am on the right track and over-think things a lot which I am trying to change so I have now commited to a structure and will be working on it for the next week.

The structure I am going to follow is…

Research Topic                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Working Title                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Abstract                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Intro

Literature Review-
Chapter 1 Summary
Chapter 2 Summary
Chapter 3 Summary
Chapter 4 Summary
Chapter 5 Summary

Research Design, Methodology & Ethics
Expected Results

I will post an update in a few days but in the meantime if you have any suggestions or advice please leave me a comment.